magiva - About Image

magiva - About Image

Magiva Technologies presents Trackobox, the ultimate solution to address the multifaceted challenges within the transportation industry. From fuel wastage and untraceable routes to theft and rash driving, Trackobox offers real-time monitoring and transparency, helping you optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and safeguard your business from potential revenue losses and risks.

magiva - About Image

Fuel Monitoring System

Achieve precise and real-time fuel management with top-quality sensors and AI-driven software, offering exceptional accuracy and efficiency.

  • 99%+ Fuel Accuracy: Ensure precise data for reliable tracking
  • Instant Fuel Alerts: Receive immediate notifications for control
  • Reduce Idling Waste: Identify and cut fuel wastage during idling
  • Accurate Mileage Data: Improve efficiency with precise mileage
  • Premium Sensor Tech: Use high-quality sensors for robust monitoring

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Auto Greasing System

An automatic greasing system for vehicles ensures optimal lubrication, extending the lifespan and performance of essential components while reducing maintenance efforts.

  • Automatic & Continuous Lubrication for all required components
  • Enhanced Component Lifespan & Reduced Maintenance Cost
  • Customizable Settings (greasing schedule & volume)
  • Improved Vehicle Performance & Fuel Efficiency

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Advanced Monitoring Systems

  • GPS Location Tracking: Track real-time locations, speeds, and routes
  • Temperature Monitoring: Continuously monitor goods temperature
  • Door Sensor Security: Detect unauthorized access for cargo integrity

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AI Camera Surveillance for Vehicles

Advanced dash cameras with AI technology for driver cabin and container monitoring, featuring two-way communication for enhanced safety and security.

  • Real-time analysis and alerts using artificial intelligence
  • Monitor driver behavior and cabin activity
  • Constant surveillance for cargo protection
  • Two-Way communication with drivers during transit
  • Instant notifications for critical events or incidents

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Tyre Management

Seamlessly track the entire tyre life cycle, from purchase to scrapping, with detailed activity recording and maintenance reminders for optimized usage and prolonged tyre lifespan.

  • Record purchase to scrapping for informed decisions
  • Collect key data for data-driven decisions
  • Get alerts for scheduled maintenance, ensuring top performance
  • Make informed choices for extended tyre life and safety
  • Improve tyre longevity for cost savings and efficiency

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Fleet Management Software

Streamline your transport operations with a user-friendly web and mobile application, enabling comprehensive trip and expense management, as well as efficient service and maintenance tracking.

  • Track end-to-end trip details, expenses, and alerts
  • Log and manage scheduled tasks with reminders
  • User-Friendly interface for easy transport activity management
  • Access and analyze data for informed decisions
  • Manage your fleet in real-time for better performance

Data Analaysis Image

Data Analysis

Harness the power of data to drive informed decision-making, reduce costs, prevent losses, and enhance vehicle utilization, efficiency, and overall operational performance.

  • Identify operational trends through continuous data analysis
  • Detect real-time incidents for proactive decision-making
  • Prevent losses by identifying unaccounted expenses
  • Geofence-based tracking for route efficiency
  • Improve vehicle efficiency with data-driven insights


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