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magiva - About Image

Distribution chain includes a range of activities like route(beat) planning, primary purchase and secondary sales operations, inventory management, payments and claims, cheques collection and processing, accounting of taxes, etc. Using conventional manual methods to handle these activities and document the data are time-consuming, inefficient and low on reliability.

Magiva has weighed all aspects and pain-points in a distribution chain, and developed a complete technological solution to streamline the process – the Distomatic. Distomatic is "user- friendly", and be operated conveniently "from mobile and/or computer choice".

Beat Planning Images

Beat Planning

  • Facilitates stock planning, vehicle & driver allocation
  • Validation of open & closing stock, sales & collection during beat closing
  • Identify and recover the mismatch stock
  • Plan the beats in advance with approval workflow
  • Carry forward the beat stock across the days

 Sales Management

Sales Management

  • Sales Order to Sales Invoice cycle
  • Sales Return with return reason
  • Sales Payment against Invoice and Bulk Payment & Settlement
  • Cheque Management

Purchase Module Management

Purchase Management

  • Purchase Order with approval workflow
  • Purchase Invoice Automation
  • Goods Received Note (GRN)/Proof of Delivery (PoD)
  • Purchase Return & Payment
  • Monthly account reconciliation and outstanding confirmation

Inventory Management Image

Inventory Management

  • Multiple Inventory Support
  • Vehicle wise inventory for beat planning
  • Batch/MRP based inventory
  • Stock audit and production entry
  • Multiple UoM for Purchase & Sales

ERP Integration

ERP Integration

  • Distomatic to ERP (Sales Orders, Sales Returns, Credit Note for Claims)
  • ERP to Distomatic (Sales Invoice, Outstanding, Account Statement)
  • ERP Integration with Tally, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, etc

Pricing Schemes Offers

Pricing, Schemes & Offers

  • Multiple price list targeting different groups of outlets
  • Fixed price, percentage based, dynamic price based on MRP
  • Value and volume-based schemes
  • Single and Multiple products schemes
  • Targeted primary and secondary offers to distributors and retailers

Accounting Simplified Image

Claims & Accounting Automation

  • Facilitates auto-calculation of claims
  • Manages multiple-level approvals workflow
  • GST Filing
  • eInvoice & e-waybill generation

Operations Access Control

Operations and Access Control

  • Restriction of price and discount edit access
  • Stock validation and recovery during beat closing
  • Alerts on price change from company
  • Handling of expenses and claims

Data Analaysis Image

Data Analysis

  • Sales & collections reports
  • Inventory transaction and aging reports
  • Sales missed outlet, product returns, price update history reports
  • Profit-loss reports


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